Hug your baby, love your back.

Introducing the revolutionary new way to carry your baby while protecting your back.

Our carriers have been specially designed to provide the ultimate comfort and well being for both baby and parent.

Our 4 in 1 design gives you maximum versatility for safely carrying your baby wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

logoxs  face outwards and watch the world go by
logoxs  face towards you for those snuggle and hug moments
logoxs  wear on your back for longer walks
logoxs  detach the hip seat for use at home or short trips

Protect your baby’s hips – unlike most other carriers, Kiddihug carriers have been designed to support your baby’s thighs rather than let them dangle. This technique reduces the risk of hip dysplasia.

Love your back – our ergonomic designs provide the best lumber support with their extra wide waistband and reinforced padded shoulder straps.

Go hands free – our carriers have a variety of handy pockets for keys, phones, soothers, snacks and all the essentials you need when out and about.

Keep cool – all carriers come with a fully removable head cover providing protection from sun and wind. Front pockets open out to expose a cooling mesh layer, ideal for warmer weather.

Easy clean – kiddihug carriers are available in a range of easy to clean fabrics.


logoxsKiddihug is one of a new generation of baby carriers that’s been specially designed to provide the ultimate comfort and well being for your baby and you.

logoxsKiddihug carrier’s provide support for your baby’s thighs so that they don’t dangle which reduces the risk of hip dysplasia.

logoxsOur ergonomic designs provide the ultimate comfort and lumber support for the wearer. The carrier’s have extra an wide waist band and reinforced padded shoulder straps.

4 in 1 design gives you the ultimate versatility for safely carrying your baby wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Your baby can face outwards and watch the world go by or face you for those snuggle and hug moments.

logoxsThe kiddihug has a detachable hip seat for those times you need to carry your baby around the home or for short trips. Front and side pockets for easy access to soothers, snacks, wallet, keys or phone.
logoxsFully removable head cover for sun and wind protection. Front pocket opens to provide a cooling mesh for baby during warm weather.
logoxsAge range is 3 to 36 months. Baby must be able to support its head. The carrier is lightweight and is perfect for everyday use, avoiding the need for large, heavy and bulky strollers.
logoxsTough, wipe clean fabric and machine washable makes cleaning easy.

Ann H August 13, 2016

“The Kiddihug designer carrier has made carrying my son so much easier and more comfortable. This carrier is a must have for my back and all the strain carrying my son would put on it. The straps are very comfortable and padded just enough to sit on on my shoulders without cutting into them and hurting me. The straps are adjustable so my son can be in the best position for him and I can hold him securely. He can be in different positions all in one carrier so I have no more need for three different carriers. This saves me a ton of money and space because now I can carry my son comfortably in this carrier. The color is so nice and looks and feels great on. The little pockets give me a spot for my money and identification card so I don’t have to hold my wallet or carry a purse. This is so nice and I am so happy. The seams are sewn in tight and this is made well so I have no worries of it falling apart.
My son is happy and my back doesn’t hurt anymore. I am so glad I was able to get this it is great.”

Annette on August 14, 2016

“The Kiddihug baby carrier is made exceptionally well, durable and is very attractive. First of all, I just love the color of the carrier! Not only is it attractive, the function of the carrier exceeded my expectations. I love the compartments for extra storage, eliminating the need to carry a purse to store necessary items or small items for the baby. The carrier is light weight, not like another brand that we previously owned. The shoulder straps are well padded and comfortable on my shoulders.
Overall, I 
would highly recommend this carrier. Really Love the Kiddihug!”